Beware! Falling Ox


Beware! Falling Ox was a 15 minute live art performance exploring clarity within chaos; it framed the ‘mistakes’ within live-work and ultimately celebrated the potential to fail. It embraced the aesthetic of DIY music scenes – punk, grunge, noise – to promote the unexpected within a theatrical context

 The performance presented itself as a gig gone shambolically wrong. Feedback screeches can be heard whenever the guitarist/singer approached the mic, the guitar needed to be tuned and re-tuned, the distortion peddle flicked on and off, the sound engineer battled with blistering rumbles, a plethora of cables and the wrath of the front(wo)man. The projections – which lit the performance – were fed from a wireless camera; which almost immediately became un-plugged (leaving only static to light the performance).

 However, the hums and buzzes slowly looped to create a cacophony of noise. The anarchic nature of the work was harnessed to create something carefully orchestrated; patterns were created within the shifting and unexpected circumstances.