DOTDASH have been making noisy theatre, live and installation art since 2009. We have worked in galleries, out-of-use buildings, theme parks, water towers, warehouses, theatres, music venues and lifts. Here are some of our favourite projects.

Where Were You Now? 2018

All We Ever See of Stars, 2017

Part gig, part performance, part guided meditation.

Passing Phase, 2016/17

A dazzling ode to chaos, performed in circles.

Future Signals, 2016

A morse code conversation using signal lamps.

Be My Bez

A gig for one person at a time in a water tower.

Lift Music, 2015

A gig in the lift of the Turner Contemporary.

(In)habit, 2014

Live art and installations in an old cinema.

Ephemeroptera, 2012

Mario Land and lots of fake blood.

A Christmas Carol, 2010

A dystopian present, set across a 3000 sq ft abandoned office block.

Beware! Falling Ox, 2012

A 15 .minute live art performance featuring distortion and static.

Flames of Passion, 2012

A short film collaboration with Cut Chorus.

Chaika Casino, 2009

A durational, interactive show set within a soviet era casino.

And Nothing Turned Itself, 2012

Astrophysics via boy meets girl, featuring a 30m train set.

A Secret Screening, 2011

A short play collaboration with Frazer Flintham.