Chaika Casino

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A durational, interactive piece set within a soviet era casino, inspired by Chekov’s The Seagull. We invited twelve practitioners to direct different versions of the same scene, which then played out according to audience bets and the spin of a roulette wheel.

Directors included: Poppy Burton-Morgan (Metta Theatre) in collaboration with Oliver Brignall (Composer), Victoria Gould (Complicite), Rob Hart (Super 8 and Noise Artist), Harriet Jordan-Wrench (Film Maker) in collaboration with Jan Blumentrath (Dead Kids) and Jessamin Landamore (Choreographer), Simon Muller (The Factory), Michael Pearce (Film Maker), Oliver Smart (Folded Feather), Tim Stacey (Academic), Timothy Trimingham Lee (Ash Angel), Mischa Twitchin (SHUNT), Catie Wilkins (Comic), Signal Signal (Musician and Designer).